• 20210620 INDA Sunday Presentations, Dance of Champions, Surprise Performance

  • 20210619 INDA Saturday Presentations, Dancing

  • 20211216 It is with great disappointment that I have to announce that I will not be photographing the NSW State Championships on Friday/Saturday. The stunning increase of COVID infections has caused me to make this decision. The venue is in an enclosed space and although the venue is enforcing entry to vaccinated people only, dancers under 16 years may enter without vaccination. These age groups constitute the vast majority of participants. We have to learn to live with COVID and yesterday, the Premier stated that "we are responsible for ourselves". In my situation, that includes three family members in their mid 90s, one in a nursing home who receives daily visits from Sue. I will not jeopardise their health because of actions I take. I'm very sorry about this, but I'm certain the Championships will be a great success for all participants, and I hope things have settled by the time dancing starts next year; more outside competitions, like we had in the past, could be fun 🙂

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